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If there are serious structural or aesthetic issues already, it’s time to replace your patio cover. Or, you should consider it when the patio doesn’t go well with your newly repainted or renovated house (make the overall look fresh and consistent). Another reason is that when you want the patio to better reflect your requirements and preferences (e.g. more natural illumination, protection from UV rays, reduced heat transmission).

Should I now replace my patio cover?

If there are several leaks, several spots of corrosion or deterioration and issues on structural integrity (it might collapse anytime), it’s just practical to replace the patio cover. This way, you won’t worry about safety and that everyone gains peace of mind especially when everyone’s under that roof.

Also, your home’s main structure might have undergone significant changes recently. It could be a repaint, some landscaping or a significant exterior renovation. After those changes, the patio cover might now be seen as odd when looked along with your home’s main structure. To make the appearance consistent, the patio cover must follow.

It’s also possible now that you have new requirements and preferences when it comes to your patio. Perhaps now the cover is blocking the light fully, which makes the outdoor area a bit dark and gloomy. You might now consider having a cover which allows some of the light but still protects you from UV rays (polycarbonate materials are ideal for this). There are now materials with coating that blocks up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays while also reducing some of the heat transmission. They still provide a lot of transparency, which can make your outdoor area naturally illuminated and freshen up the entire space.

Here at Naturelite, we have excellent materials for patio covers (roofing and structural supports and frames). Depending on your requirements or preferences, we can recommend a solution that is strong and cost-effective. Contact us today for your enquiries.

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